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Theatre Design & Technology

This is a UC Approved, a-g  year-long course.

Together, we will be embarking on a journey of exploration that I hope will be gratifying for all. In order for everyone in the class to have an enriching and engaging experience, there are certain expectations that need to be followed.


  1. This class is a safe space for everyone! Hateful or hurtful comments will not be tolerated.

  2. Every student is required to see at least one theatrical performance per semester. These theatrical performances include:

    • School performances outside of MHS (another HS, middle school…)

    • Community theatre productions (Center Stage, South Bay Musical Theatre, Sunnyvale Community Players, etc.)

    • Professional productions at local or nearby theatres (TheatreWorks, SHN, City Lights, Broadway San Jose, Teatro Visión, etc…)

    • Opera

    • Ballet

  3. You must write a review for each of the performances that you attend. These reviews are due within one week of your having seen this production.


Grading Policy


            Design Work                                                                                   75%

                        This includes collaboration, sketches,

                        vision boards, conceptual work, and final designs


            Other Work                                                                                     25%

                        This includes analyses, play reviews, quizzes, and



Skills Used                                                                   Educational Pathways & Related Fields

Math                                                                              Set Design

Engineering                                                                   Interior Design

Collaboration                                                                 Fashion Design

Creative Problem Solving                                              Props Master

Research                                                                       Sound Production (editing, design)

Analysis                                                                         Architecture

Drawing                                                                         Make Up Artist

Color Theory                                                                 Food Stylist 

Editing                                                                           Event Production

Decision Making


Topics to be covered


            Set Design     

            Prop Design

            Costume Design

            Make up Design

            Lighting Design

            Sound Design

            Stage Management

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