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Attack! of the Killer Man from the Sun!
Cast L
If your name is not on this list, please know that it is not for lack of talent. You are all FANTASTIC. If your name IS on this list, please send me an email telling me you accept your role(s)! Our first meeting will be on Tuesday in P10


Fall Play: November 16-18

Spring Musical: March 21-23

Eden Onalfo                          Announcer
Rali David                              Lou
Aditi Gupta                            Anne
Zubia Mohammad                 Susan
Jesus Ochoa                         Ian / Teen Guy / Creature
Izair Lopez Guzman              Range Parker / KMFTS
Faaris Asghar                        Major Private
Marques Fields                     Scientist 1 / Private Browser
Yadira Ramirez                     Scientist 2 / Private Public
Taliya Reyes                         Scientist 3 / Teen Girl
Mazaria Aldrich                     Alien 1
Doris Phi                               Alien 2

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