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Arts Education Video

In April of 2014, my Theatre Workshop students were selected to be featured in a documentary about the importance of Arts Education in public high schools. The documentary was produced by White Gorilla Media, in conjunction with TheatreWorks Silicon Valley. To the left are photos from the shoot. To the right is the final cut. Though our students' interviews didn't make it into this final cut, you'll still recognize faces! (and I appear at the four minute mark)

Class Projects

Class Projects

Ten Years of Haunted Theatre

Young Playwrights Project

The Young Playwright's Project is a program of TheatreWorks Silicon Valley. For two months, Theatre Workshop students work with a local professional playwright who teaches them the craft of dramatic writing. Each student then writes her/his own original ten-minute play. 6-8 of those plays are then chosen for further development. Past playwrights-in-residence include Jake Arky, Vicki Haller Graff, and Meghan Hakes-Booth.


These galleries feature the students whose works were chosen for development and professional performance. Be sure to check out the videos of these performances on the video page!

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