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ABOUT Our Program

Ours is an award winning program, with most of our awards being for playwriting. These awards were won through our participation in the 1440 Countdown at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley. Our theatre courses focus heavily on creating original material using various prompts, suggestions, and performance styles. We do also use scenes from both classical and contemporary plays.

We give students a forum to express themselves, and provide a safe space for them to tell their stories, speak their truths, and develop their self-esteem. We encourage students to build bridges of understanding across all facets of life. We also foster an appreciation of the arts. Students aren’t just training for the performing arts; they’re preparing for working relationships in all career pathways. In all fields.


ABOUT Ms Schwartz

This is my 22nd year at Milpitas High! I'm very proud to have been granted the 2019 Arts Leadership Award, named the 2018 District Teacher of the Year as well as one of three teachers from Santa Clara County to be submitted for State Teacher of the Year!


Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a full time actor/director/stage manager/singer/songwriter... in other words, I worked as many as three jobs at a time and spent most of my time waiting tables, though I did also perform in plays, musicals, touring productions, training videos, commercials, and even an amusement park. I still have friends working in the entertainment industry as musicians, stage managers, directors, and performers. I am also proud to say that I have several former students working in the industry as actors, professional stuntmen, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and dancers.

I have high expectations for my students, and they frequently meet those expectations.  I believe that the only limitations that exist in this world worth worrying about are the limitations that we impose on ourselves. There is always room for improvement. There is always a chance to start afresh. There is always a chance to reach greater heights than we ever imagined.

All of my Theatre classes and rehearsals are run as they would in a professional theatre. All warm-ups, rehearsal techniques, and activities are based on work that I engaged in as a theatre student and a theatre professional.

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